Testo I Am Love

Testo I Am Love

I am the truth
I am Honesty
I am listening
When you speak to me

I can ease your pain
Make you stand out in the rain
And wander aimlessly

I am strong, undeniable
I am not afraid, unconditional
I can build you up
I can bring you to your knees
I'm unpredictable

I am the way
I can set you free
Tear down the walls
Baby can't you see?
Open your heart
Surrender all your fears
And put your faith in meI'm all you need
I am love

I am young
I am old
I'm the breath of life
In every soul

I am happiness
I can warm you
When you're naked
Standing in the cold

[Chorus: x2]

I am the truth
I am honesty
I am listening When you speak to me

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