Testo Headfirst

Testo Headfirst

trying to be honest I don't know why we fight
I shut down you stay up all night
you got it all figured out
feeling anything but brilliant can't understand
I just said a few words they all made you mad
I got it all figured out
let it go set it down
you would think we would have learned by now
no idea what I'm thinking I don't know how you feel
it's the same routine this can't be for real
I got it all figured out
I've got a stubborn way of thinking that I'm always right
you've got a stubborn way of knowing how to start a fight
you got it all figured out

head first hands down we've got tonight
and I'm not wasting any time

we go round and round til we find no one can win
if we only knew that when this all began
I got it all figured out
we could get right back to doing anything but this
shut out the world end it all with a kiss we got it all figured out
we're wasting time on picking fights that no one's gonna win
why spend these days on all the things we hate
yet here we go again

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