Testo Dinner

Testo Dinner

Always on your own, don't consider trying.
Tried you on the phone, but you considered lying.
Never had a doubt i'm losing.

So I'm tidying my room, trying to be careful.
Drinking in the afternoon and lighting up whilst tearful.
Hoping that you're still unhappy, i'll do everything I can to make sure that you are never happy.
Breaking out of this cocoon and clawing at the camera.
Seeing you would be too soon, i'm stupid if I want more.
Hoping that you die unhappy.
I'll do anything i can.
To make sure that you are never happy.

So unsure of every question in the dark, trying hard not to go with anything you gave me…
I'm so scared and down on friends so please pretend there is no end.
Trying not to be a victim in your game, I know your dirty ways.
I know you feel the same… it kills me deep inside.
I hope you cry when you see what you have inside.

Never had a doubt I'm losing, i'll do anything I can to make sure that you are never happy

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