Testo Profit Infested

Testo Profit Infested

Oh how things have changed
so far from feeling right
work to sleep to work
and work to stay alive

a salary whore sprawled out on the desk
a loveless job at best
a pat on the head, and pads on their knees
all without so much a please

office prostitute turning tricks 9 to 5
boring too loose, but they don't seem to mind

it really sucks but they know they're gonna stay
if they wanna eat today
trade a little life for a little self respect
wind up with what you'd expect

office prostitute turning tricks 9 to 5

they're on their backs
and they think it's so funny
that they all have something tied around their neck but in the back of their mind it was growing
that just maybe theirs was broken
i know you're thinking that i'm the pinhead
but i'd rather be dead
than a profit infested office prostitute turning tricks 9 to 5

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