Testo The Travastian Parade

Testo The Travastian Parade

Lead like lambs whose shepherd is blind
following trails of the 'celestial' guide
Unending search in the world absurd,
blindly obsessed by lies
Living in a dream, built up by a blind belief
But Death will bring the awakening
as the world will be unveiled
Apart from their superficial pride

In shadows grows the Faustian side
Not blind, not meek - but released
from laws to deny desires
Let their seed be sown no more
on our fields which we explored
What we earned they stole or burned,
yet now the winds have turned

Powers to darken and enlighten are mine

So made it be - This shall be
the beginning of new time
Unveiled are the curtains of light
as we remake our kingdom unite
And so we shall take the fields and lakes
which were meant to be ours
Stars upon shall guide us in these ecliptic hours

The Serpent, The Tempter
unveil the kingdoms laid beneath
O creator of our race,
I am the flourishing disease

We are the ones who saw the truth
behind their lies
We are the twilight which killed their dawn,
which harvests their feeble souls
- we are your scythe

Cast away their remaining might
We rejected the light, we live of the night
In our reign there is no place for them,
we have already won the final fight

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