Testo Second Chances

Testo Second Chances

Follow me thru my tale of this one boy and this one girl
And I'll show you simple mistakes
and how they lead to this boy's heartache
Now this heartache's like a landslide
falling faster every time I take a listen to what you say
Is it safe now; I just cannot stay

And now there is no doubt, I'm all inside out
Now there is no doubt, I'm all inside out and I know...

There's no time left for second chances
I'm left here on my own, defying fear;
will I be better off without you here?

So let's talk about stories of our past-time glory
Let's take on the world and give it back, just you and me girl
This could last all day and never ever fade away
so let's give it one last try
and let the clock run down before we say goodbye
Before we say goodbye...

You took time and kept your future bright,
but I'll always know that you and I stay in this together You and I stay in this together 'cause I know...

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