Testo The Downfall

Testo The Downfall

You are full of corruption.
You'll be free of possession.
A disease you created.
A plague that consumes you.
You've become a corpse of a man.
Your soul wanders lonely.
Your soul begs me.
Beg for your existence. You're already dead.
You're nothing to me. You're already dead
You motherfucker.

I want this to end. This goes further than justice.
I want this to end. My heart is unburdened.
Fall to your fucking knees. Beg for this to end.
Heart for heart. THIS IS OUR DOWNFALL!

We know that you're no longer a burden.
You're nothing to us all.

You may think you have the upper hand,
but you will see I end it all.
You may believe you will succeed,
but you will see I end it all

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