Testo Meaningful Parade

Testo Meaningful Parade

Walking Our Several Ways Slowly
Digestion Under Reason, This Intestine Is So Long
Lost Yourself To Work For Business Everyday
Who Is In War, Who Is in love, Where Am I ?
Probably We Know Where Is Goal Of This Way
But Wandering In The Body To Find Own Exit
Only Going Dwon By The Law Of Gravitation
This Bowels Is A Winding Path, Is It Life ?

I Shitted And Who Died, Who Is Next ?
Pace Of Parade

Such Is Life, Mean The Shitting Is End

Pavement For Shitter

True Goal, Gate To The Hell
Don't Feel Them And Don't See Yet
Our Asshole Is On Unseen Place
If There Is Goal, Lets Walk

Meaningful Parade
If You Could Walk By Youself
Please Find Your Final Rest Room
Testi Bathtub Shitter