Testo Everlast

Testo Everlast

I wish we met when we were younger
Had all the time in the world
And I’d know everything about you
Before any other girl
We’d be together
With only stories of us
There would be no other
Who’d ever felt your touch
I’d be your first kiss, first love, first one

I missed so many firsts in your life
And you missed so many of mine
All that has passed, will in time turn to dust
I will always be your ever last

I wish you’d met my father
Just to shake his hand
He’d have given you a hard time
Just because he can
But he would have loved you
Like another son, but that’s just how it goes
Time rolls on and on
Wish I was your first kiss, first love, first one

And it feels like I always knew you
Like home when I fell into you
And I know time goes fast
I promise love that lasts

So I’m looking forward for the best is yet to come
Forget about all others forget about old loves
For you are my future, forever hold me close
We’ll raise a little family, together we’ll grow old
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