Testo Story/Stowaway

Testo Story/Stowaway

Maybe I should just turn around and start walking back home.
Fuck you, and fuck Story Road.
When's the part that you promised someday we all burn out and die away?
Did you think that I'd forget?
It's not my problem to remember the things that should have been,
but cut into my eyelids are the things that never happened.

Are you happy that you finally got your point across?
Why couldn't you have just sat down and listened?
My own space to be haunted and all the lights keep turning off.
I think I've finally fucking lost it.
Now I just cant take it,
and I will never see a point to change.
I think I've been here long enough, now I just fucking give up.
That will never ever change.

I don't care about finding my place.
I gave up long ago when I lost all faith,
and when I swore that I would never hold a promise again.
Fuck everyone.
Fuck letting anyone in.

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