Testo Dreamer

Testo Dreamer

I really can't go out today.
How am I supposed to get through the day if I can't even stand up straight?
I feel like I'm in my own way.
Now I'm in race with myself, and I'm finally catching up.
This is just too much.

I just need some time to sleep this off.
The last thing that I need to do is talk.
And when I'm dreaming, I'll think of the few things I like in reality.
And you'd be right there next to me.

But you can't dream your whole life.

There's so many questions that I'll never for the answers,
but I can forget what I don't understand.
Still there's some things I can't seem to get past, and it turns my mind into broken glass.
I can't go on another day trying to hide from what I know is right in front of me.
Maybe if you saw my grave, you'd never forget my face and remember my name.

I can't get past the times I kept to myself when I needed you the most.
And now I'm in race with myself and I'm catching up.
This is too much.

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