Testo Fate, Only For Here And Now

Testo Fate, Only For Here And Now

I bit the nails off of your broken hands and while they bleed out
I saw the colors change, but no pain showed on your face

Do I look past what I can't see through
After all the times I turned to paths to follow and set me free
From the bullshit life I'm living?

I pushed my conscience back to when I couldn't feel the pain
Of watching the flames burn out that wake me up and put me to sleep

Nothing compares to breathing now
I can't lose what I had pushed down
The world will close but I'll run free
Fate's not what will put me six feet deep

I'm sick of changing for the shape of what's to come
So I left my head back where it belongs
Don't want to see, don't want to live ahead from this point
So I'll lift my soul only for here and now

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