Testo Planes

Testo Planes

No, you go first
If time is money Iʼm gone, Iʼm gone watch the hour glass
Yeah, I donʼt need your loving you can have it back
You said youʼd fill my wallet with a salad snack
You get the cold, cold shoulder

I know
I get it, youʼre too cool for school
Yeah, I know
Youʼre too hot to touch

Iʼve been working grave shifts on my own
Even a broken watch hits twelve oʼ clock like once or twice
But you canʼt budge a beat
Iʼve been working fingers to the bone
And thatʼs what youʼre feeding me
These scraps are weak
I watch as you eat like a king
What does it mean to never care Is everything just little figments of your world of despair, oh-oh
Hello stranger are you there?
Iʼve been here for so long just waiting...

(I know)
Too hot to touch

If time was money I would be time efficient
And if you waste my time well then itʼs bye-bye bitches
Because I never knew how people focused on a dime bitch
When a dollar worth more, and bitches come when Iʼm rich
Said Iʼm going on tour with my life in a trunk

From the mic to the drugs, nice clothes, swim trunks
Got the hype and the buzz Iʼm with Hooligan Lou
I bet you got it from your mams and your daddy a fool
I bet you probably go snitch on your family too
I bet you skimp on your friends and your fans to be cool
I bet you scam all the fam cause their vanity changed
That makes me ran tan, pissy and my sanity droop
Thank god I been working on my own here, oh
Lone range to the bone in my cave here, oh
Ainʼt cave to a boss bitch pay me
You ainʼt finna make me!

Iʼd like to personally thank you for fronting from the beginning
Without your incompetent ass I wouldnʼt be where Iʼm sitting
But where the fuck would I be at if I never got up to get it?
We catch you snitching youʼll get caught like a seeker but this ainʼt Quidditch
How many frozen burritos will it take me to taste some greatness?
How many blogs I gotta email before they abandon fake shit?
You wanna clock buddy? We poppingʼ like it or not
Yeah weʼre going up. weʼre going up. weʼre going up, weʼre going up!
Tell your people to hit my people just google me
The second youʼll get into some musical ingenuity
Watch me take it from google beach to a nudie beach
Overseas especially if Iʼm counting the streams
Your daughter and her homies come to every single show Iʼm reppin
Your mama be bumping me in the whip and you still wonʼt cut the check
We could all be one happy family, but
Youʼre too cool for school


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