If They Only Knew

  1. Give Him Glory
  2. Who You Rollin' Wit Ft. Flame And Json
  3. Gotta Grow
  4. Cash Or Christ Ft. Lecrae
  5. Behold The Christ
  6. Good News Pt. 1
  7. Lookin' For Love Ft. Jr
  8. Give You That Truth
  9. Call Us Crazy Ft. Tedashii
  10. Good News Pt. 2
  11. Cryin' Out
  12. More Ft. Diamone
  13. Let 'em Know
  14. Why Me Ft. Ambassador
  15. Follow The Crowd
  16. Self Examination
  17. Good News Pt. 3
  18. Young & Unashamed Ft. Cam
Testi Trip Lee
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