1. Beautiful Spiritual
  2. Bed Bugs
  3. Best Of You
  4. Broken Man
  5. Don´t Wanna Let You Down
  6. Don't Leave Me
  7. Don't wanna let you down
  8. Endless Love (with Tata Young)
  9. Fall From The Sky
  10. Free
  11. Guardian Angel
  12. Her Name Was Sun
  13. How Did You Know?
  14. I Can't Let Go Now
  15. I Don't Wanna Let You Down
  16. I Love Your Smile
  17. It's Not Me
  18. La Donna Che Vorrei
  19. Ladies
  20. Light Of Your Soul
  21. Miss MyEverything
  22. More Like Diamonts
  23. Movin' On
  24. Moving On
  25. Peaches
  26. Reinforce Love
  27. Stand Up As People
  28. Suffice To Say
  29. Think Of The People
  30. This Love's For Two / She Needs Loving
  31. Time Flies
  32. To See The Stars
  33. When A Child Is Born
  34. When I Think Of Love
  35. Why Me?
  36. Wonderful Tonight
Testi Lee Ryan
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