Walking Papers

  1. We Will Make You Crawl Or Just Pretend That Your Lips Are Stitched, And Let Us Do The Thinking
  2. Sons Of Hostage Life Or This Name Tag Reads 'Fuck You'
  3. This Song Was Written By Committee Or We Simply Feed These Figures Into The Melodiotron And, Voila, An Instant Hit
  4. Hostage Life's Legally Distinct Cola Commercial Or You're Stupid And You're Gross But If You Drink This Someone Might Actually Love You
  5. The Last Superman Or Fall Of The Ubermensch
  6. How To Die With A Smile I) Determine Whether Or Not You Wish To Depart II) Set Date III) Find An Exit Buddy
  7. The Quietest Mutiny Or Dear Leader
  8. Hostage Life Are Fucking Alive And Well Or Paul Miller's Armada Featuring Eric Gaudet
  9. Fuck, I Hope You're Not Pregnant Or Hey, So You Think A Vasectomy Is Covered By My Health Insurance?
  10. Of Shotguns And Pleasure Wands Or A Sincere Tip Of The Hat To That Cocksucker Lenny Bruce
  11. Carbon Heart Radio Or $80 Haircut
  12. When I Get Cancer Or Fuck It, Just Cut Out All The Parts Of Me That Have Stopped Working
  13. Hell Awaits Hostage Life Or The Virgin Mary's Immaculate Dp
Testi Hostage Life
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