1. A Little Innocence
  2. After here through midland
  3. Another Story
  4. Any More Than I Could Understand
  5. Because it keeps on working
  6. Born with teeth
  7. Coward's Courage
  8. Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
  9. El Norte
  10. Every Moment
  11. For Experience Sake
  12. Grand
  13. Have You Any Sympathy ?
  14. Hunting Down A Killer
  15. I'll Send Them Your Way
  16. It's Only Make Believe
  17. Just Around The Corner
  18. Just When You're Having Fun
  19. Manzanar
  20. More than willing
  21. My first confession
  22. Once we might have known
  23. One Joy Bang
  24. Precious Dreams
  25. Straighter Line
  26. Stumble and Fall
  27. Superhuman
  28. The Biggest Fool Of All
  29. The Promise You Made
  30. Thought You Were On My Side
  31. When Your Heart Is Weak
  32. Win or lose
  33. World's Apart
  34. Worlds apart
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